Alison Boggs’ experience as the Union County Prosecutor

Alison Boggs’ experience as the Union County Prosecutor spans from 2001-2004. Alison is proud of her record. While she lost cases, she won more than she lost, but she did occasionally lose. Every Prosecutor does. While in office, she implemented procedures to make the office work smarter and be accessible for elected officials, law enforcement and the people of Union County.

The Grand Jury review

While in office, Alison’s Grand Jury review process helped the office work smarter. After a case was brought to the office for prosecution, her staff and investigating officers met to review the status and quality of the case before presenting it to a Grand Jury. This procedure served to weed out shaky cases as well as uncovering deficiencies in the case (i.e. the need for follow-up interviews, additional evidence or investigation). Evidence may have turned out weaker than originally thought, or a witness may have abandoned the prosecution or refused to cooperate at the time of trial. She took great pride in the fact that each and every element of her cases were built on solid evidence to support each count. Cases whose evidence or facts didn’t justify a felony charge were returned to law enforcement for the appropriate misdemeanor charge.

The Grand Jury review maintained the integrity in our local criminal justice system. The processes added a little more time to the prosecution of each case, but resulted in solid indictments true to the facts and evidence. When re-elected as Union County Prosecutor, Alison will reinstate this process.

Township support

It’s the prosecutor’s job to support townships. It’s easy with all the demands made on the Prosecutor’s Office to allow the township issues to fall by the wayside. Neglecting township needs slows progress in our County at the crucial, local level. Alison with advance township needs and devote the attention needed to recognize and serve those needs.

These hard-working trustees, boards and clerks rely on timely advice from their legal counsel, the County Prosecutor, on matters ranging from the drafting and enforcement of ordinances, planning for growth, and anticipation of future legal questions and problems. They deserve to have a prosecutor who will meet with them on their time—even when that time falls outside of a typical 9-5 workday. Alison made the effort to regularly visit townships to offer help. And of course, everyone was welcome to stop by the office for impromptu meetings and discussions as well.

It’s the prosecutor’s job to serve the townships. It’s simple, Alison believes you should do the job you’re hired to do—she will, and always has.

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