Why is Alison Boggs running for Union County Prosecutor?

Alison is not a politician. She is not a Republican or a Democrat—she’s independent. She believes that government should intrude on our lives as little as possible and should spend our tax dollars conservatively. Above all, it should honor the sacred rights granted to us by our Constitution. To her, serving another term as the Union County Prosecutor isn’t about career advancement, political climbing or even status—it’s simply about serving the needs of the people of Union County. Alison is concerned about the direction the Prosecutor’s Office has taken since 2005. Specifically:

  • There appears to be a pattern of over-indicting, which can look good on paper for a prosecutor who wants to gain political favor by presenting a record that appears to be “tough on crime”. The downside is that innocent people may be accepting plea bargains due to their fear of going to trial, and taxpayers footing the bill for more felons who maybe shouldn’t have been prosecuted as felons.
  • The Prosecutor’s budget has consistently been rising—out-of-step with what’s happening in our economy and increasing taxes.
  • The townships do not appear to be receiving the help they need.

Elect Alison Boggs for Union County Prosecutor.

You can count on her to do what’s right, be fiscally conservative and be free of political favors.