A program for first-time non-violent felony offenders in which punishment could include probation, community service, fines, restitution, rehab etc., instead of prison time. If the offender cooperates and shows progress, charges may eventually be dismissed.

For example: Pete, a father of two, was unexpectedly laid-off from his job. He used $2,000 of Cub Scout funds, of which he’s the┬átreasurer,┬áto pay household bills. He finds another job and begins to repay the money, but not before the Cub Scouts discover the missing funds. Pete is ashamed of what he did and immediately repays the balance of the amount he owes. Pete has no prior criminal charges and hasn’t been any trouble since. Pete may be a good candidate for a diversion program allowing him a second chance to make up for his mistake and the possibility to avoid a felony charge which would impact his ability to provide for his family.

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