Help Alison Boggs win

Request materials

Are you willing to go door-to-door to distribute materials? Let us know.

Do you have farmland with frontage to a busy road in Union County and would be willing to display a large banner for Alison? Let us know.

Print your own materials

Do you own a print or copy shop and would be willing to donate materials for Alison’s campaign? Let us know.


Are you interested in helping Alison by going door-to-door, distributing materials, displaying a yard sign, hosting a meet and greet or sharing your talents? Let us know.

Social media

You can help Alison get the word out by sharing information about Alison on social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest and Google. Post stories about Alison on blogs and share her content.


Political campaigns are expensive, especially without the backing of a political party. If you are able to contribute to Alison’s campaign to help us provide informational materials and advertise to voters, please let us know.

Advertising and printing materials can really add up. For example: a one-month late-night radio campaign on WCOL is $2,000; one mailing to 2,500 households is $1,500; just 20 lawn signs are $150; one billboard on rt 33 is $3,000 per month. You get the idea. If you’d like to support Alison’s campaign financially, please let us know.


Most importantly of all, please vote for Alison Boggs for Union County Prosecutor on November 6th!