What Alison Boggs stands for

Alison and her daughter

Alison and her daughter

Alison Boggs believes that government should intrude into our lives as little as possible. She believes that government should be fiscally conservative. And, above all, government should respect the sacred rights granted to us in our Constitution. Alison believes she can make positive change right here in our local community as the Union County Prosecutor.

What a Prosecutor’s Office should be

Alison believes that any County Prosecutor’s Office should be a place where fresh, new attorneys cut their teeth by getting real-world experience in a courtroom. She believes that it’s a place to mentor new attorneys and help them get the experience they need to move on to higher-paying positions at established law firms should they choose to do so. What a Prosecutor’s Office should not be is a place where attorneys are paid at any level above what is needed to support the County’s needs. A County attorney shouldn’t have a private practice while collecting a full-time level salary from the County. Alison will pay her staff an appropriate salary based on experience and stay in line with County needs.

Doing the right thing

Alison will bring back the efficiency enjoyed by the office during her previous tenure. She commits to seeking fair, honest indictments—making tough calls—and, when necessary, to reject cases until they’re properly prepared. She absolutely refuses to seek felony convictions when a misdemeanor is more appropriate. Having a higher felony conviction record doesn’t necessarily equate to a better job or a safer community. Indeed, it could mean sacrificing sacred Constitutional rights, including protecting the innocent from government. Alison will protect our community without placing excess burdens on the taxpayers.

Establish a Diversion program

Alison will establish a diversion program, where appropriate, to handle first-time non-violent felony offenders in which punishment could include probation, community service, fines, restitution, rehab etc., instead of prison time. If the offender cooperates and shows progress, charges may eventually be dismissed.

For example: Pete, a father of two, was unexpectedly laid-off from his job. He used $2,000 of Cub Scout funds, of which he’s the treasurer, to pay household bills. He finds another job and begins to repay the money, but not before the Cub Scouts discover the missing funds. Pete is ashamed of what he did and immediately repays the balance of the amount he owes. Pete has no prior criminal charges and hasn’t been any trouble since. Pete may be a good candidate for a diversion program allowing him a second chance to make up for his mistake and the possibility to avoid a felony charge which would impact his ability to provide for his family.

Fiscally conservative

As the former Union County Prosecutor, Alison kept her budget in line with what commissioners asked elected officials to do. Alison gave her staff less than the maximum 3% raise and made up the difference in other ways. Alison expects her staff to work for the County full-time. After all, the County compensates them at a full-time rate, shouldn’t they be expected to work full-time just like us? Alison will maintain high-quality representation to Union County without burdening the tax payers.

With that said, during the last seven months of her term, employees left the office because they knew they would not have a job at the beginning of 2005.  To keep the efficiency of the office intact, Alison offered the unused salary of those employees to compensate the remaining employees who took on extra work and responsibilities.  It made more sense to use the knowledgeable remaining employees than to take the time to hire temporary employees not familiar with the workings of a prosecutor’s office or hire workers who would not have a job at the end of the year.  The extra monies paid came from her budget that was approved for that year by the Union County Commisioners and she was able to maintain the high level of service her office always provided during the last few months of her term.  She never once spent over her alloted budget, and every year returned money to the general  fund.  

Freedom from political favors

Because Alison is not endorsed by any organization or political party, she is free to do the job we elect her to do, represent the people of Union County, free of favors or special interest groups.

What Alison Boggs stands for

  • Doing what’s right
  • Fiscal responsiblity
  • Being free of political favors

Elect Alison Boggs for Union County Prosecutor. She’ll keep costs in line and do what’s right for Union County.